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sometimes they are just weird + organization in progress

March 22, 2020

Sometimes the collages just get weird. They don’t really have a meaning, they just seem like the images flow together well and that’s enough cause to glue them down. That’s when you end up with stuff like this.


I’m also taking out my nervous energy on my art supplies stash. I figure if ever there was a time for me to take my time with this, it would be now. Plus I find the busy work to be a release from worry. I’m currently relocating my art supplies to a very large hallway closet. 



Its definitely a work in progress. There are some things in here that will be moved back to the studio – like the fabric scrap bin – and the shelves are being re-organized as I bring more items out to sort.

(I sort of have a lot of embroidery thread. Like, A LOT OF EMBROIDERY THREAD.)

I still hold out hopes of having a zen studio and now it will be a combo studio / electric jungle. Which makes it super level zen. 

There are trash bags piled up out of view of this photo and the progress has been slow-ish. Some days I have to talk myself into working on it and don’t get much done. And other days I put on Neil Diamond and we work on stuff like a tasmanian devil. All depends on my mood.

I’m in Michigan and our governor issued a stay at home order yesterday. I find relief in this, feels like something is being actively done. And at the same time I worry for those that have to continue to work or that will have money troubles since they have to stay home. All of this still feels unreal in so many ways.

Be kind to yourself and to others. Give your pets an extra snuggle. Love ya.

100 collage in 100 days
tiny collage - say hello

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  • Reply Sherry Boram April 12, 2021 at 1:46 am

    Looks great, Lynn. I can relate as I resist finishing my art space after moving last fall. I think when we get some distance from all that’s going on, we will be kinder to ourselves about any perceived foot-dragging.

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