tiny collage – say hello
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tiny collage – say hello


I see so many artists stepping up to the plate and releasing free classes and doing live streams of making art and I keep thinking I should do that too. Because I like watching them and find them wonderful but in all honesty…I just haven’t been able to concentrate.

My stomach is in knots and I can’t completely ignore the news because I need to know what’s going on. I’m in a constant cycle of worry/calm down/worry/settle. It’s exhausting. In many ways, the uncertainty and worry is how I felt when I was getting chemotherapy. Nothing was in my control, I didn’t know how it would end, things could change on a dime, sometimes I felt strong and hopeful and sometimes I felt despair and loneliness.

The way I coped then was to let Art Brain take over. If she is busy and engaged she can easily dominate my full attention. Yesterday I cut a bunch of small cards and started making tiny collages. This one felt appropriate at the moment.

I have no wisdom to offer. No magic wand that can make things better. What I can do is tell you that I am with you. I’m here. I’m going to post simple things, just photos a lot of the time. It’s okay to be unproductive. It’s okay to just build a blanket fort and binge watch your favorite tv shows. I started self isolation a week before the virus became “official” in Michigan. So I’m at the two week mark and so far so good.

Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. As hard as it might be, please stay home and understand that this is not a joke. I love you and stay safe.

  • wendy richardson
    Posted at 18:24h, 22 March Reply

    lovely post. thank you. i alternatively feel creative or like just a blob of nothing. i’ve been stepping around a big box from dharma (that i am now VVVery sorry i ordered – no $ now!). i should unpack and put away. a simple job i’m ignoring. i will do it soon tho. i hope. but, productive, already-designed stitching is taking place. no thinking required. we will probably be thus conflicted for a long time. i feel we are fortunate in our creative endeavors, but it will still be challenging. keep talking. ❤️

  • Lynda Heines
    Posted at 12:27h, 23 March Reply

    Lynn, Great post. I’m the same with that cycle. I feel better when I turn off the news, but then wonder what’s going on. When I watch it I get so scared. I’m trying to find a balance of being informed, but not scared. Sewing the masks for the local hospital and all has really helped me to take my focus off of what’s going on. Sending you a big hug. And we will all get through this.

  • Sarah Ann Smith
    Posted at 13:29h, 23 March Reply

    I’m with you. We are introverts. So we go inward when stressed. And we’re all stressed. I admire those who reach out and create a following across the globe in days, but that’s just not me I guess. I plan to hunker down in my studio. Momentarily…a few more emails and down I go. So don’t fight it. Cuddle with Carter. If Widgeon were awake he’d send a snort and snuffle. Instead he’s asleep under my feet (insert major heart emojis). I will start a new project, a ByAnnie pattern to use as my Michael Miller Brand Ambassador project for April, and I’m honestly SO excited to make this one….. stay tuned. Later I will read, knit, drink tea, and since snow is coming, probably make some comfort soup this afternoon! HUGS my friend.

  • Kathy Garringer
    Posted at 14:27h, 23 March Reply

    I’m with you. I, too, am making masks. I am delivering some today—at a distance. We have a central place to drop off in NW Arkansas to make sure they go to where they are needed. Mailing some to my nurse-niece and my grands’ former nanny. This helps.

  • Sandy Jandik
    Posted at 15:22h, 23 March Reply

    I agree-it’s the unknown that is so frightening. I’m finishing up things that have been handing around the studio and finding treasures I’d forgotten about–and sometimes don’t remember. They create bright spots.

  • Becky Campbell
    Posted at 15:39h, 23 March Reply

    Love back to you and Carter. Stay safe.

  • Vicki Keller
    Posted at 16:30h, 23 March Reply

    Thanks for the post. I think it reflects how we are all feeling in this time of uncertainty. It’s just nice to share those thoughts with others and be supportive. Have fun with whatever project you’re working on, whether it’s artistic or practical. Best wishes to all !

  • Barbara Fox
    Posted at 04:22h, 24 March Reply

    This is such a difficult, uncertain time. Some of the things you described are exactly how I have been feeling. At this point, my art brain fights with me daily to allow creativity but some days I feel like just hanging out, doing nothing.

    Sending love your way and please know we all will be watching for your posts.

    Stay safe and the best of wishes to you!

  • teresa hays
    Posted at 17:34h, 24 March Reply

    Thank you. Many of us are suffering from anxiety. Many of us who already suffered from anxiety are on overwhelm, unable to concentrate on creating. I am starting to channel into making medical masks and caps for my local community. May you stay well, and may you be surrounded by health and love. Thank you, Best wishes,

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