Thankful for Artists Who Share!
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Thankful for Artists Who Share!

Working in a quilt shop for a number of years, I reaped an embarrassment of riches as far as people who inspired and taught me to be a better artist. I am still working on it, but continuing to make progress thanks to generous creators who shared their talents and insights with me and everyone around them. My co-workers and our customers were a talented bunch with varied skills and were always willing to help this self-taught quilter solve a problem or introduce a new (to me) technique.


Jane Sassaman Workshop – Actively Engaged!

And there were the instructors! The local teachers who were our “regulars” provided the fundamentals and further opportunities to stretch my skills in a variety of ways. And “big name” instructors created a buzz with the chance to dig deeper with award-winning artists. 

And now I find inspiration from the artists who share their vision on Create Whimsy. I have the privilege of interviewing creative people for our Spotlight stories, and many of them teach at venues all over the world. If one of your art heroes is teaching at a shop or conference center near you, take advantage of the opportunity if you can! If you are unsure where to start, take a look at How to Find the Right Class for You. A great workshop experience will awaken a spark, encourage, illuminate and motivate. Sharpen your vision when you seek out and discover the “what ifs” of creating so you can do something creative every day. You’ll be thankful you did.

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