Jan + Feb collages – my 2019 collage series
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Jan + Feb collages – my 2019 collage series

I was kind of surprised when I was getting set up to this post and realized I never posted the collage I made in January. I showed an unfinished detail of it in a different post but it never made it here. I know why.

I’ve got a stack of 9″x12″ collage boards and I set the goal to make one collage per month all this year. Which is very doable because I work on it a little bit in the evenings when I’m relaxing. In January I was in a big funk about having had cancer last year. It’s lifted a bit but I’m still kind of stuck in that limbo between grieving and moving forward. But I think I’ll get there. Just takes time. 

I’ll post my February collage first. It’s called “Don’t Give Up”. A bit of encouragement for me and you and anyone else who might need a small boost.



And here’s the January one. It’s darker – literally and figuratively. It’s a visual representation of what cancer felt like to me. (I think that’s why I didn’t post it here. Was feeling squirrely last month.) It’s called “What Pain, My Beloved.”


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