a little begonia terrarium
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a little begonia terrarium


I’ve been wanting to put together various terrariums for a long time now. And what’s weird is that after all the plants in my care (and there are many many many of them), I’ve been squeamish about taking the plunge. Sort of feels mean in a way to trap it inside a container, like I’m putting them in jail.

Then during one of my evening strolls around the internet, I came across a begonia prismatocarpa for sale. As I’m a begonia junkie I was intrigued and looked it up. Turns out it has to be grown in a terrarium. Winner winner chicken dinner!

I got the little guy a couple days ago and finally settled him into his new home today. It’s a smallish glass jar I got from who knows where. And I set it on the bottom shelf of one of my grow stands so it gets consistent but gentle light.



The very bottom layer is horticultural charcoal, then some super well draining soil and some sphagnum to help slow down the drying out process. I decided to grow this as a closed terrarium and my very fancy and technical solution for a lid is a clear plastic tray that you put under plant pots to catch water.

I honestly don’t know how it will go. It’s my first go at this but I think it’s pretty cute. I’ll post regular updates – thinking monthly – to see how it progresses. And if it doesn’t go well we can troubleshoot it together.

One of the growers I’ve been watching when it comes to terrariums is Serpa Design on YouTube. He’s got some great beginner tutorials on how to set one up and I like that he makes one and then shows how it grows over time. Because let’s face it, the terrariums always look fantabulous the first day you set them up. The test of success is how they look as time goes by. Check him out if you’d like some inspiration.

Fingers crossed for this little guy – I’ll be staring at him everyday now, obsessively watching his every move. Grow begonia grow!

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  • Sandy Jandik
    Posted at 16:13h, 29 September Reply

    I love Begonias too and have a big fish bowl that I put the ones that look like they need help in until they are healthy again. Then they go back to the shelving in my bathroom that has a skylight and is cool.

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